When Your Home Floods

Flood Clean Up Restoration Companies

ATEX Water Damage Restoration is the answer to your floodwater cleanup and water damage restoration problems. Our professionals will respond to you quickly to clean up the damage that floodwater causes. We will restore your home in the most efficient manner using water extractors, pump outs, dehumidifiers, and dryers. We also use air movers and air scrubbers to rid the flood damage remnants in the air. We will do whatever it takes to salvage everything in your home. Floodwaters can cause damage especially if clean up is not done immediately. We respond quickly to your calls to prevent further damage from the unavoidable damage that has already occurred.

Consulting with Flood Clean Up and Restoration Companies

Water damage can affect your carpeting, your hardwood floors or entire rooms going up the walls. Don’t despair! Water Damage professionals will have your water damage cleaned up and your problem areas restored looking as good as new by extracting the water with specialized equipment. They will assess the area to determine what is salvageable and what needs to be removed and replaced. They will thoroughly dry the area and inspect for mold damage. In no time you will have your house cleaned up and fresh looking again. Contact ATEX Water Damage Restoration and enjoy a clean, restored home with no evidence of floodwater damage.

Some Causes of Water Damage

The following are some of the most common:

  • Overflow from a toilet
  • A broken water heater
  • Broken or deteriorated pipes
  • Damage resulting from floods or rainstorms
  • Broken sprinkler systems
  • Damage caused by fires
  • Water Damage Repair Specialists

We are just a phone call away 512-563-4112.  Our teams are ready to serve your needs and get the job down fast.  We know how hard it is dealing with water danage issues, so we fix the problem fast.