Commercial Mold Remediation Austin

Unattended To Mold Only Gets Worse

Even though mold may start off small, it can quickly grow into a massive problem for your company. It is essential to detect and handle mold appropriately right from the start to avoid unnecessary expenses and lost productivity. Mold is dangerous, irritating, unsightly and it destroys whatever it grows on. Some forms of mold release toxic spores that can create a serious health hazard. If you have a mold problem, you want to kill it, clean it and get rid of it as soon as possible  The longer you delay the more expensive the a
commercial mold remediation process will be.

A Few Facts About Mold

  • Mold can be dangerous to the health of you and your employees
  • Mold starts small but grows fast
  • Detecting mold early can you save your business money and time.
  • Ignoring mold won’t make it go away
  • Businesses can experience mold problems whether they are in an old one room building or the top floor of a massive skyscraper

The ideal environment for mold growth is any damp and dark area. In these conditions, mold grows extremely fast, in as little as 48 hours. When company’s delay dealing with a mold problem the cost of mold remediation and the risk of potential lost productivity increases.

How Do I Prevent Mold Coming Back?

The first step to exterminating of mold and the health issues it can cause is to recognize the full depth of the problem. The answer to that question is pretty start forward. Mold remediation Austin is a job for licensed professionals who have the training the necessary equipment to do the job right. Their first step will be to discover how the environment has become suitable for mold growth and corrected that problem. Then the mold  remediation can begin and a healthy environment restored.

It Takes State-of-the-Art Technology

Highly trained technicians utilize the latest mold remediation techniques and state-of-the-art technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Upon completion, they should conduct a thorough inspection ensuring the mold issue has been completely eliminated.



What is Sprayed-on Polyurethane Foam(SPF)?

Sprayed-on Polyurethane Foam

SPF is used by Houston commercial roofing contractors is restore aging commercial roofing and metal  roofing reapir. High  density SPF is a two part system that is sprayed on as a liquid which expands 30 times and conforms to any type of roofing/building substrate. Within 2 minutes of application, the foam has cured enough to be walked upon. The 2.5-3.0 lb/cubic ft. Density foam feels like concrete and adds structural strength. However is flexible enough to expand and contract with the building. The closed cell formation is waterproof within seconds of application. SPF has the highest insulation value in the construction industry, R-factor 7.14 per inch. This insulation value is such a good investment that it will pay for itself within the 10 year warranty period

Other Advantages of SPF:

  • Seamless: There are no joints, seams, or fittings that could loosen and cause leaks.
  • Totally Adhered: The SPF is 100% adhered to the building, which makes it hurricane proof.
  • Self-Flashing: Unlike most roofing which uses several types of materials for the flashing area, SPF can be extended up to a wall, around or over protrusions and over an edge to provide a continuous waterproof, windproof barrier.
  • Eliminates Ponding Water: Extra foam is applied in low areas on re-rooting projects to help reduce the extra weight of ponding water.
  • Easy Maintenance: Minor repairs can be easily made using a tube of caulk and a caulking gun.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Existing roofs don’t have to be torn off, they are just sprayed directly over, thereby causing less waste for landfills. The chemicals we use for SPF contain no HCFC’s which are potentially damaging to the ozone layer. Existing SPF roofs don’t have to be torn off, they can be re-coated, which will extend the life of the SPF another 10-20 years. Polyurethane Foam is furnished by two companies, American WeatherStar, and Conklin. The foam is top-coated to prevent Ultraviolet degradation.


The manufacturers give 10 and 20 year warranties, depending on the thickness of the coating. With regular mainteniance the roof can last a lifetime.

Houston Commercial Roofing Contractors Use Sealants

Energy Saving Sealants

Are you looking for a way to keep your home or business cooler during the summer time? There are a number of different insulation materials that claim to save you hundreds of dollars by slowing down the heat, but STS Coatings’ HeatBloc will work with your current insulation to block over 81% of the sun’s heat from your home, substantially reducing your energy costs. You should consider having your Houston metal roofing contractor coat your roof and walls with HeatBloc, a high-quality, spray-on radiant barrier that prevents heat from building up in your home. You’ll also learn about the long-term benefits of applying GreatSeal to your roof. Visit STS Coatings today. We specialize in the high-quality barrier and sealant solutions for commercial and residential use.

GreatSeal: Multipurpose Sealant Perfect For All Your Sealant Needs

Keeping your home protected from moisture and air leaks are important to ensuring indoor safety and comfort. To eliminate opportunities for moisture and water to seep in or out, commercial roofing contractors in Houston TX apply sealants to joints throughout the building. However, many of these sealants are difficult to work with or are simply unsafe. That’s why contractors and homeowners should insist on using STS Coatings’ GreatSeal polyether sealant. Let’s take a closer look at what GreatSeal is and why you need it in your home or building.

GreatSeal comes in three easy to use varieties:

  1. First is GreatSeal PE-150, a multipurpose interior or exterior joint sealant for use throughout the building. GreatSeal PE-150 is perfect for use on roofing, doors, windows, asphalt, masonry, and much more. In addition to PE-150, GreatSeal also comes in two specific varieties.
  2. LT-100 is a liquid tape sealant designed for sealing board-to-board or butt joints. It’s a great way to seal cracks between sheetrock, seal vapor barriers, and much more.
  3. Finally, GS-100 is a quick setting formula designed to prevent metal gutters and downspouts from leaking



GreatSeal is incredibly versatile and can be used on virtually any building material, making it a go-to sealant throughout the construction and finishing process. Its versatility also makes it perfect for touchups, repairs, or remodeling throughout the life of the building. Second, GreatSeal contains a very low concentration of VOCs, which are harmful gasses that can cause serious health issues, including cancer, allergies, fatigue, and epistaxis. Finally, GreatSeal is easy to work with and can be applied safely in dry, humid, or cold temperatures.

Learn More

To learn more about GreatSeal, contact the sealant and insulation experts at STS Coatings. We manufacture the products that homeowners and contractors depend on to keep their homes healthy, comfortable, and safe.